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                               STILLIFE PAINTINGS


CANDIED APPLES Another favorite red watercolor painting Original aprox size 14"x20" unfrm & unmatted Red makes a statement where ever you hang this painting.

$ 250.00 USD


PEACHES & PEARS FRUIT so SUCCULENT you could eat it from the paper. Original watercolor aprox size 15"x19" unfrm & unmatted

$ 250.00 USD


"POTS" Original watercolor with mutted browns will go with any decor' and fits well with any colors in your home. aprox size unfrm & unmatted 18"x24"

$ 300.00 USD

Wine-wine and more wine.

"From the vine"Wine-wine and more wine. aprox size matted 21"x28"  Just love my wine paintings, so much fun.



Bougainvillia   Sold 


FLORIDA'S OWN juicy succulent FRUIT hang this Original Watercolor in the kitchen, dining room or hall. aprox size unfrm & unmatted 17"x23"

$ 200.00 USD


GREEN APPLE THIS NICE LITTLE ORIGINAL Watercolor painting will fit on any little wall aprox size unfrm & unmatted 11"x14"

$ 75.00 USD


"LAYING AROUND" This Original Watercolor will make a statement on any wall and get lots of attention with it's bright bold burgandy color aprox size unfrm & unmatted 12"x18"

$ 125.00 USD


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